What do you call a great man walking in the footsteps of a giant?


We call him Roberto Clemente, Jr., and his life has not only ended the suffering of countless impoverished children, he has done what many have considered impossible, to replace that suffering with joy and hope.

Food for the Hungry


We want to see baseball end poverty in the Dominican Republic. Nine innings to end poverty in nine of the poorest communities in the Dominican Republic: Mirador, Camaron, Los Caños, Placer Bonito, Cruz de Vicente, Vellecito, LA 23, Batista, and Margara II.


Providing clean water is life changing for communities in the Dominican Republic. Many of these communities lack access to clean water and therefore are exposed to water borne illnesses that keep children out of school, elevate medical costs and continue the cycle of poverty. A permanent water infrastructure will provide the means to purify their current water source giving them access to safe and clean water.

Romanow Law Group


David Romanow founded his law firm just 3 years ago in Pittsburgh for the singular purpose of fighting for his clients with a level of resolve previously unseen. The transition from unknown to unmatched has been swift and comprehensive. David now has the resources to support projects like Striking out Poverty. His firm will donate, on behalf of its clients, every time he settles a case, from this day forward.


If you or someone you know has been injured, direct them to Romanow Law Group. Their clients receive elite level representation, and the opportunity to save lives. The size of the settlement isn't the only reason they are rated 5 stars.

$21 provides clean water for life for two people in the Dominican Republic.

Roberto Clemente Jr. and David Romanow, with Food for the Hungry and The Clemente Museum, are pleased to announce our partnership to bring food, water and baseball to the children who need it most.

"Accomplishment is something you cannot buy. If you have a chance and don’t make the most of it, you are wasting your time on this earth. It is not what you do in baseball or sports, but how hard you try. Win or lose, I try my best."

-Roberto Clemente

Baseball is only half of the story.